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Welcome to our website.
We are happy to announce the opening of the first Ukrainian specialised workshop!
There’s finally a chance to forget the old ways and just buy makeup and
special effects supplies from world-famous brands, that are widely used by artists
in film industry, theatres, stage shows.

If you need a consult or help in choosing the supplies,
our Ekaterina Strukova is here to assist you. What we do Costumes and mockups; courses and workshops; creating special effects for rent, sale; wounds, burns, scars imitation, ageing; body art; creating bald caps and pastiche for sale; prosthetics; copies and mockups of body parts; character creation

Our services

At our WORKSHOP, you can take intensive courses from our team and colleagues from Russia, Germany, the US.
We are in the state of constant search and development. We are always open for communication, cooperation, and new contacts.

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