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The Beauty of Malvie.

Film "Viddana"

SFXMakeup Test.

Museum of Ukrainian Nation

Backstage on figure preparation.

Film “Lethal Kitten”

Process of painting gloves for "Death".

TV Series “Dikie”

Backstage at the set.

Music video

Painting process and fixing teeth.

Barbershop advertising

Work in the Workshop

Lifecast of hands for making Props.

Lviv Old Museum

Backstage on figure preparation.

Museum of Ukrainian Nation

Preparation process.

Hello we are,

Welcome to my workshop. Previously it was introduced in my country, I'm from Ukraine. Together with my team they made films, created figures for the museum, exact copies of actors for filming created a workshop for make-up artists! I opened a creative space in it and brought from all over the world materials, tools of world famous TM for make-up and special effects for the work and development of Ukrainian film production.

Kateryna Strukova
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film and television industry

Our Services

Creating special effects for rent, sale

Wounds, burns, scars imitation, ageing

Body art

Creating bald caps

Prosthetics make up

Props and mockups of body parts

Creating an image

Costumes, mockups and props

Make up and hair styling

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Feedback from our clients.

"I've always been a fan of special effects, and this course exceeded my expectations. 'LEVEL 4' not only taught me how to create silicone appliances but also the art of making them come alive with gushing effects. Truly a masterclass!"

- Name Second Name

"The 'Gushing Effect' and 'Making Blood' techniques were fascinating to learn. The instructor's expertise and guidance made it all the more enjoyable."

- Name Second Name, CEO of News...

"I enrolled in 'LEVEL 4: CREATING SILICONE APPLIANCES WITH GUSHING EFFECT. MAKING BLOOD,' and it was an incredibly creative experience. I learned techniques I never thought were possible. Highly recommended!"

- Name Second Name, Films