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Welcome to my website.
Previously it was introduced in my country, I'm from Ukraine I have 14 years of experience in the film and television industry together with the team they made films, created figures for the museum, exact copies of actors for filming created a workshop for make-up artists!
I opened a creative space in it and brought from all over the world materials, tools of world famous TM for make-up and special effects for the work and development of Ukrainian film production.
which the world
artists use in movies, theaters, shows.

Now I live in Los Angeles, I hope for a quick victory for my country, and I will develop this space already online. And now, I will start my new path here - Never stop
nice to meet you Kateryna Strukova

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I will leave the training section on this site, where it will soon be possible to purchase online lessons for make-up artists in my country, I want to share my experience and what I have gained and what I have acquired
learn to work
at intensive courses with our team and master-colleagues from the USA. We are in constant motion, search, development. We are hospitable and always open for communication, cooperation and new contacts.

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